October 2019 - LANtech Communications were awarded the contract to install a complete EXCEL Category 5e LSZH structured cabling system for Pantaenius UK Ltd., located at the prestigious Marine Building,  1 Queen Anne Place, Plymouth.


LANtech worked closely with Simon Brooks, of Pantaenius, during the planning stages to discuss the scope of the project and propose solutions to some of the constraints of the building. In particular, as part of the project, LANtech installed new double-sided power poles to house the new data outlets and mains sockets for discrete clusters of desks enabling Pantaenius to rationalise and consolidate the mass of cables on the office floor. 

LANtech installed a total of 87 new Excel Category 5e data outlets spread over the two floors of the building that Pantaenius occupies. The new cabling system, which replaces the Cat 5 system installed over 20 years ago, will enable them to install IP-based telephones and upgrade their CCTV soon. 

With offices spread over two floors of the building, a short fibre optic cable was deployed between the floors, to further futureproof the installation and reduce the overall amount of cabling. This also reduced the amount of disruption in the office during the installation.

A new large PRISM floor standing comms cabinet was installed to house the new IP telephone system, the proposed IP CCTV recorder and some new NETGEAR switches, offering power over Ethernet (PoE). The PoE was used for high level wireless access points and VoIP phones. SFP ports were used to connect the fibre optics between the switches. The installation was designed to give Simon the ability to have the old and new cabling systems running side by side allowing him to carry out a controlled switch over once the installation has been signed off.

Each outlet was labelled as per the customer’s numbering scheme and the whole system tested, using our certified Fluke DSX8000 tester.  An Excel 25-year warranty covering all cables and connectors was issued providing long term peace of mind.