Lantech Fibre


Lantech provide a variety of network services including Fibre networks which are generally utilised where space or run distance may cause concerns.

Fibre Optic cable is generally used to provision a “back bone” for traditional “copper” network services.  It has great resilience to data loss as it uses light as means of transmission as opposed to electrical current which allows it to be used over greater distances.  It is immune to crosstalk and as a nonconductive medium is also resilient to lighting strikes and weather related disruption such as flooding.  We can install underground ducting or use existing conduit where fibre runs are required to cross obstacles i.e roads that run between office buildings.

All of our engineers have years of experience in installing and maintaining fibre networks.  We can carry out all on site terminations and testing prior to handover and carry a Fibre fusion splicer for repair or installation of fibre products.

Lantech generally work with:

We realise that not everyone fully understands their “networking” requirements so we are happy to meet and discuss options with you.  Our aim is to provide you the very best connectivity for your company or office.v